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Bonjour mon ami! You remember how I have told you about the very small world known as B6-12, far, far out in space, oui? C'est bon. And you also remember, I am certain, that only one person lives on it, eh? The Little Prince. Well you know how he dreamed of travelling to other planets, to see fascinating new worlds and meet interesting new people and most of all, to make friends. He learned how to catch flaming comets and they took him all over the universe. He visited weird other worlds and met strange alien people and zoop! One day he landed right here on Earth. It became his most favourite place to visit. And on one of his trips here, that is when I met him. Ah, I have told this story to many people and nobody will believe me. But, I think you will, perhaps.
It was some time ago when I was an airplane pilot, flying mail from Cairo to Dacor in Africa. There was a problem with mah plane and I was forced to land. Not long after, the little prince also made a forced landing not far away. Voila! He came down right in the middle of the Sahara desert. Well, so at first he thought perhaps he must be on some new and lifeless planet. It was easy to understand. I felt the same way myself, mon ami. Without food or water, the desert can be a most difficult place, non?
The Little Prince was written in French by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is his most famous book, of course! However, if you want information about the book, I suggest you visit my links page. So, a cartoon of the series was made in 1983 by Jambre Productions and played on Nickelodeon, and videos of some episodes were released.

Who Are The Characters?