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Bonjour mon ami! Of course, you want to see The Little Prince on his video series! I do not know much, but I know there are a few videos with episodes from the television show!

The Little Prince VideoThe Adventures of the Little Prince
This video is available on Video and Laserdisc, I believe. The picture is from the back of the laserdisc version. It has two important episodes: Somewhere In Space and A Small Alien. Somewhere in Space is the episode that tells 'ow this all came about, and we meet Swifty, that lovable Space Swift! A Small Alien is the episode that stars moi, and it shows 'ow the Little Prince first met me. It's by Jambre Productions, you are likely to find it in video stores with obscure titles, or by ordering it.

The Little Prince: Far Off Adventures on Far Off PlanetsThe Little Prince: Far Off Adventures on Far Off Planets
I 'aven't seen this video, and I'm looking around for it. I 'ave no idea what is on it!